Do Your Best God Will See The Rest

While making a paper plane no one is due whether it will a good flight or it will simply crash into the earth. But we still fold the paper and sharp the crease………

Arranging the helter-skelter shelf today I found this bookmark in an old book. The bookmark stirred me from inside. It bore a message that kept me motivated through the toughest exams of my life. It just taught me just one thing …

Whatever you do, do it the best way you can.

My Bookmark

Many a times it happens that despite hardwork and smart ideas we are uncertain about our success.

Be it academic exams or tyrannies of the life most of the time we have little control over the situation. The only thing which is in our control is our efforts. It our karmas that we can control and nothing else.

So do the best you could do in given circumstances. Forget everything else.  Forget about the anxiety whether you will succeed or not.

Stop worrying that your efforts might go in vain. Remember that no karma goes without yielding results. Every effort you sow today will reap tomorrow.

Trust God and Forget about everything else.

The paper plane you set out for flight may soar in blue skies high above…(*Maybe not today but definitely tomorrow) Just do your efforts. And do all the efforts the best way you can.

Just Do your Best and God Will See the Rest.


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