(A-Z) Make Your Own Quotes Challenge

Hy Folks!

A few months back I gave myself a challenge to post one quote everyday in alphabetical order.

And finally I MADE IT!!!

(P.S. Though I wasn’t able to post a post everyday. Yes I ran out of ideas. I struggled with my exams. And even thought to abondon my own self given challenge. But hey, despite all odds. I have finally made my own A-Z POSTS!!! And sincerely I now feel proud about it.)

Why don’t you try your own A-Z alphabetical quotes challenge and share your posts with me. I would be glad to read them.

Here are my posts….. Do give me a chance to read yours. Also share this challenge to your friends to see how many alphabets can they manage.

Swipe for more ↔️ and click on the image to read the content…

1 Comment

  1. Hy! I had just completed the Alpha Quote Challenge. I would love if you become a part of this challenge. Just come up with a self created quote everyday and the theme of the quotes has to be in alphabetical order. At the end of all letters compile all your quotes in a single post. Copy this text and Share this challenge with atleast 5 other bloggers along with your post link. The top 5 Bloggers will receive a shout out on Whispering Heart 🧡. Happy Blogging!!



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