You- Letter Y

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You are your own role model.

People often reach out to make a successful person their role model. But contrary to it, I beleive that no one out in the world is apt to become my role model. I am a role model for my own self.

Whenever I am in a dilema I put up a question. “What would my ideal role model personality do in this situation?”
I act the way my role model would act.
And since my mental role model personality is better than my current being. I progress every day to become a better version of myself.

I seek idealism not in the outside world but inside my own being.
I don’t want to become perfect.
No one is perfect.
And it’s better not to be perfect.
Perfection kills the zeal to become better.
I just want to become a better version of myself everyday.
I want to become ME.

and the same thing I will say to you.


No one is like YOU. No one has the mindset that YOU have. No-one has the abilities that YOU posses.
Become a better YOU each day. If you just continue to be YOU even by a fraction EVERYDAY astonishing results will proceed.
Don’t strive to become PERFECT. Strive to become a better YOU everyday.


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