Zeal – letter Z

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“If you want to do something you need to have some motivation” is a concept which is accepted as a general notion.
I too believed it.
But I soon realised that no matter how much amount of motivational videos I watch or seminar I attended, they only made a little difference. Initially I got enthusiastic but soon would fall back to my older routine.

I soon figured out that no one can motivate me. The zeal, the motivation have to come form inside.

This was my next notion that started to shape my life.

Soon I felt that waiting for some internal motivation to come that would guide my actions was futile because often I would end up saying “I know I have to do this, and I know I should be doing it but I don’t feel like doing….” And would end up sluggishly saying to myself “You need to have Zeal
You need to have motivation to do something” “I want to do something but don’t have the motivation for it.” Or I would call my friend and tell her “I need some motivation! I am looking for some zeal….

I figured out that if I want to do something like exercising, studying, clean about the house or finish a book I don’t need to wait for getting internally motivated.

I realised that zeal for doing something would begin to get developed automatically when you start doing it.

It’s like peddling a bicycle. It is the first pedal that requires most of the effort. Once you start pedal you will find it easy to continue and balance.

But Pragati that very first pedal requires some Zeal!.. isn’t it?

Well…. yes. In my case I just ask myself to JUST DO IT.
I start doing things without giving much of thought to them. And just like you ride a bicycle and continue with the next pedal I continue to keep up with my tasks.
At the end of the process I feel good. That gives me the zeal do it it again the next day.

So it’s a cycle. You do something because you have Zeal for it. And even if you don’t have the zeal but still you do it then you soon begin to develop the zeal to finish it.

To sum up, The short story for the long story is that the next time you feel that you don’t have the zeal.
Then JUST START DOING the task that you want to do. The Zeal to finish it is likely to follow.

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