Living Again…

I am upset with one of my friend yet it is difficult to approach and convince that annoying soul Because at first place that wicked soul is too busy with professional work, at second place that cunning soul is ignoring and avoiding me “nowadays” for reasons unknown.

Had we were kids again it would be far easy for me to approach and meet the ends and cover up the gaps. But Alas with adulthood comes new clothes and we wear so many layers of ego, prejudice and reservations that we forget to enjoy nobel and cordial relations.

The zealous soul in many of us has died. As we have grown with age we although have acquired many a lesson of wisdom but have forgotten the spirit of amazement we all had when we were a kid. As a child it was way easy to convince friends and mend broken relations.

With the loss of childhood we have lost the art of savouring every moment of life and living it to the fullest.

I feel great distress to announce that the great man of patience and valour has taken his last breath. The passionate personality is not among us any more!!!

It is YOU And ME whom I am talking about! And no one else. If the innocent heart of a child is not called upon inside us then we might end up living our lives without fun and joy.

Let’s bring back our childhood. And the first step towards it can begin with a smile. Smile to your heart and let it’s happiness be reflected to others.

Smile the way you smiled in your childhood

P.S My friend is very wise and kind hearted. But since I am a bit annoyed I have used words like cunning and wicked. These words reflect my inner anguish and not character trait of my wise friend. (* The author radiates a scintillating smile to readers but narrows her eyes towards her friend) 🤭


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