toXic – Letter X

#toxic #life #stress #overthinking

toXic thoughts are more harmful than a real toXin….

a real toXin will kill you instantly but these toXinc thoughts will end up kill you every second of your life…..

Two effective ways to get rid of toXic ideas…..

1. Writing your thoughts on a paper and empty your head….

This method is efficient to organise your problems and find a solution for them

2. Write whatsoever on a piece of paper that worries you then burn it…

Feel the flames burning the paper into ashes…. Feel that all your problems are burning………(I personally use this method to get rid away of my toXic thoughts)

To relieve myself of toXic thoughts… The affirmation of my life goes like this…

Its my Life. No one else can make it or break it. Its me. My own actions. My own ideas that will define who am I

How can I let these nasty toXic ideas ruin my life?

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