You are your most trustworthy friend and most brutal enemy… What you become is your choice

If YOU SEE yourself as weak, unlucky and useless THEN YOU ARE. But if YOU BELIEVE that you are strong, confident and powerful THEN YOU REALLY ARE.

Be a nice friend of yours

  • Think optimistic what you think is what you become so always think good about yourself.
  • Talk to yourself so that you can understand yourself better. We spend our entire life trying to understand people but fail to understand those who are near to us. And the person who is most near to you is YOU yourself. So first develope an understanding about yourself.
  • Never lie to yourself it keeps you in fake presumptions …be honest to yourself. When you turn honest to yourself you start realising what are the areas you need to work upon to make yourself better version of yours.

When you are your greatest enemy?

  • When you know that you are lazy but do nothing about it.
  • When you know that you need to study hard and work hard you give excuses to yourself.
  • Justifying your actions by giving excuses to yourself makes you yours greatest enemy
  • Barriers to success lie more inside than outsidestruggles in this outside world can be overcome easily when you win over the struggles that are inside you.
  • Doubting yourself about your abilities and calibre and thinking “I might not be able to do this” makes yourself your greatest enemy.

The choice is yours what you want to be a friend or an enemy of yours.

The day you become your best friend the world will stand changed.

It may even happen that those whom you use to admire may start admiring you.

So Be The Best Friend of Yours and Stay Healthy and Stay Safe..

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