The Art of Appreciation

My normal routine comprises of appreciating people around me. But what difference does that brings?

Well when you appreciate others a lot many things happen like your personality looks more pleasing and you have a good impression on others. Just be careful with the words you use for appreciating others… if it sounds more like a flattery then it would have a negative image of your personality.

Let’s discuss


What is appreciation?

It means recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

So when you tell others about their qualities and praise them then you are appreciating them.

To begin simple You can wish someone good morning by saying.. “you look really good today” or by saying “you look energetic.”

These little phases gives you as well as other person good positive vibes.

Benefits of Appreciating?

When you appreciate someone you make others feel that you are vigilant about their presence.. they feel recognised.. and hence feel good.

It is same like you go in a party but no one compliments you or gives you any attention same you go to an office meeting where someone appreciates you for your smart looks.

Now be honest and answer which is a better situation you will find yourself in?

In an office meeting probably?… Why because there you are getting recognition.

This is the core concept of


Appreciate your Juniors if you are the Boss

If you are Boss then don’t forget to Appreciate you employees.

Even if your employee has not done anything you can appreciate them by saying… “You are a talented person I know you will never let me down”

These words of Appreciation would act as instant motivation for your employees.

And don’t forget to Appreciate your employee when he/she has done something really commendable…

Appreciate Your Seniors

Now if you’re a junior then you should Appreciate your Boss AND AVOID CRITICISING him/her even if he/she is the biggest devil of your life.

I suggest NOT TO GO directly to your Boss and start Appreciating him because even if your intentions are good you will sound more like a flatterer and this act even looks a bit rude in corporate culture especially in a formal official set up. If it’s an official party you might complement you boss by saying you look great but don’t go into detailing it looks offending.

Then how to Appreciate my boss and impress him?

Appreciate your Boss at his back maybe in office gossips you might SOMETIMES ONLY SOMETIMES Appreciate your Boss for his good deeds

*dah no Boss is always rude..* and never ever CRITICISE HIM ON HIS BACK instead if you felt something REALLY OFFENDING then you should straight away discuss it with you boss face to face as soon as you find a good opportunity and get things cleared. This would rather present you as more mature and responsible in front of your Boss rather than simply complaing your issues in office gossips.

Appreciate your Colleagues and Juniors

It as important to Appreciate your juniors and colleagues just like your seniors.

For juniors you look more approachable and for colleagues you establish yourself as a trustworthy friend.

Appreciating colleagues is crucially important if you want to maintain healthy office relationship. In time of need your good behaviour with others helps you overcome obstacles in life and gain support when you need it.

Appreciate your Family Members

The Art of Appreciation not only helps to smoothen your professional but also your personal relationship.

Appreciate your Parents… they already have done so much that they doesn’t require any reason for Appreciation.

Appreciate your girlfriend-boyfriend this helps in developing understanding

*just remember it shouldn’t be cheesy and flirting*

Appreciate your spouse.

Just like Physical and Mental needs Recognition is also a need in a relationship. Appreciating your spouse helps in fulfilling this recognition need in and develops understanding and trust between the two.

Appreciate Yourself

The most important person who needs Appreciation is you yourself. Even if no one Appreciates you Praise yourself for your good efforts. Sometimes our efforts go unnoticed no matter how crucial they were at the time when they were undertaken but sometimes we get no recognition for them. Appreciate yourself for your efforts and never complaint about others for not appreciating you. Sooner or later the world will know your worth.

Appreciation Gives Positivity to others and to yourself.

Just notice.. if in morning someone compliments you or appreciates you.. your whole day becomes a bliss for you. And you call it your lucky day.

So make every day a lucky day by begining it with appreciating someone.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed and Keep Appreciating


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