Key Towards a Healthy Relationship

Key Towards a Healthy Relationship Whispering Heart 🧡

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Acceptability is the biggest virtue one can have in one’s life

“She has lost faith in me”…”He never understands me”…”He did not even listen to what I said”…

At some point of time all relations come across such statements

It’s not about them listening to you its about accepting the fact that you expected too much from them…

If you want to stay happy and keep your relationship young STOP EXPECTING and START ACCEPTING that no one in this world can change your partner…just like you resist yourself from changing for this world

Believe me, when you accept that your partner is not going to change, you figure out ways that accommodates both yours and your partner’s ways

But it only begins when you ACCEPT

Accept the situation.. Accept your partner..and most importantly ACCEPT YOURSELF as you are

Healthy relationship grows when you

Step 1: Accept yourself

Step 2: Accept your partner

Step 3: Accept the situation

When you move down through step 1,2 and 3 you will find peace and stability of mind and soul

So stay calm, stay healthy and stay blessed

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