Who do you know the best in this world?

“I can tell everything about her”…”without me he cannot do anything”….”God knows what will happen to him without me”….

Can you really know everything about some other person?…

Ok then answer the following questions:-

1. Where S/He is right now?

2. What S/He is doing?

3. What exactly S/He is doing? For example if S/He is at office and doing some work then what exactly he is writing?

4.What exactly S/He is thinking while writing?

Are you getting the point.. only THAT person who is doing the job can exactly tell about himself

Same goes for you only you can tell exactly about yourself… what you are doing, what you are going through, how you are feeling… So until you share your thoughts, how can someone else know about you?

Never expect someone else will read your heart … Your heart beats inside you so only you can hear it whispering…

When dealing in a relationship you have to ensure that you inform the other person about yourself

“make sure to keep S/He updated about all news of your heart.”

In this way you can overcome those evil communication barriers that ruin lovely relationships.

For example if you are annoyed just express calmly and that you are annoyed for “A GIVEN” reason.. then sit back and relax… don’t expect your partner will react immediately… S/He might be busy in some really important official work.. as soon S/He completes the work S/He will ensure giving you time….And even if S/he forgets make sure you remind him/her about it.. CALMLY.. as already said Never expect anything from anyone.

The only person in who you know best in world is YOU yourself

So ensure that you are providing right details about yourself to this world…. Or else everyone will end up misunderstanding you

Stay calm, stay blessed and live a healthy relationship


    1. Well you have to “tell” the “world” about yourself because world is not only the concrete jungle we live in.. it is composed of our loves ones too…and my dear friend for many people their world revolves around their loved ones… And it hurts the most when your loved ones.. your world… End up misunderstanding your feelings.. so instead of repenting better to represent yourself

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