Stinging Success – Letter S

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Not all success stories are sweet. Some have stinging ends…..

An intelligent boy with modest family background went to the best school of the town. He turned out to be the topper of the school board and later pursued higher education in a world renowned University. He was the gold medalist of his batch. With best degrees of the world he applied in the top most company in the corporate sector where he was selected as a top notch employee. Later on he fell in love with a very beautiful girl who hailed from a good family. With his parents permission he married and had two wonderful kids. A daughter and a son.
The man had everything that a person desires. Education, Money, Recognition in society, beautiful wife, good children, car, bungalows, foreign vacation, work life balance, along with spiritual satisfaction.

But one dark day. The stock market crashed and his company got shut. The expensive litigation took away all his wealth. The man came up on the roads.

No sooner his dead body was found along with his family hanging down the garden tree. The man committed suicide along with his family.

The police completed their investigation.

The postmartem report said “death due to lack of oxygen due to intense pressure on windpipe”

The police shut the case file with the following remark

“The man was programmed for success, But was never taught how to deal with failures”

The short learning from the long story is “SUCCESS is not Final. Failure is not Fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts…..”

Not all success stories are inspiring. There can be a lot said about that man. But the point of writing the story here is not to discuss about the man but to instigate a question.

Just introspect yourself with the question

Are you aptly programmed for SUCCESS?

Success is a wonderful addiction. Not everyone get the blessing to experience the bliss of being successful. But this sweet success should be savoured only to that limit where it does not starts stinging you.

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