I am in perfect health only if I believe I am healthy

I searched on Google today “how does a paracetamol works?”

To my astonishment I found out that paracetamol does no healing it simply blocks the messenger that reports pain in your brain. Paracetamol affects those areas of your brain that controls temperature and helps control fever. So technically, no healing takes place in your body because of paracetamol. It is YOUR OWN BODY that does the healing.

So how are we cured? *Obviously antibiotics do play some role but still how are we healed?* It is our own believe system that heal us

It is in our own believe system that we are healed. If you sincerely believe that you are being healed you will be feeling healed.

Make your believe system focused on good and positive thoughts because the more focused and positive you think the more focused and positive your life will become

The more we focus on our own thoughts the more extacy we feel.

Have a good command on your believe system and have faith in it. Because it is on the day of your victory speech you will realise that it was only you YOURSELF who believed when no one else belived it.

So keep believing keep succeeding

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