With all its ups and downs life continues…

#hope #life #teenage #emotions #struggle

I often loose heart seeing that my efforts are not yielding results…

I often feel that I haven’t got anyone to support me in tyranny of my life…..

I often find myself toiling between work and studies. And often find myself digging into my phone screen finishing up my next blog post.

I don’t know what is keeping me to do all this nonsense. I find no results coming out.

But still I continue with all my efforts….. Because stopping in the mid way won’t take me anywhere….
I am optimistic about life. I have complete trust in God but still….

There is a STILL …..

With all its ups and downs life continues….
So I have to be determined to continue this journey of life……

E-Bird Kid’s 2.4 G Hz Remote Control Flying Phoenix with Life Like Flapping Wing

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