An open letter to all the Super-humans in my life.

Composed by Divya Goyal.

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To all the Super-humans in my life,

Who says Super-humans exist only in the movies?

I know a few who exist in real life.

And guess what? You are one of them!

Intentionally or not, we all have an effect on people around us- whether positive or negative, it is upto us to decide.

You might not realise it, but you’ve had an impact on me, you touched my life in the most positive ways possible.

You held the power to either create my life or destroy it, and I am glad you chose the former.

Thank you for everything that you taught me, ranging from the tiny tid- bits to the huge life lessons.

Whenever you feel your lowest, remember that there is someone out there who looks upto you (i.e., me, if you haven’t realised that yet).

And this blog post here, is dedicated to you!

Thank you for being a teacher, a guide, a mentor!

Keep using your superpowers- knock off all the villains!


Keep spreading your light all around the world! It’s not just the Corona Virus which gets to be contagious- you’re contagious too!

Yours sincerely,

Just another human being.

P.S.- Happy Teacher’s Day!

P.P.S. – Cheers to you my Superhero/ superheroine!

Wonder Woman 1984

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