India and the Super Bug Crises

Indians are one of the largest consumers of antibiotics in the world.

India and the Super Bug Crises Whispering Heart 🧡

Unlike many other countries where antibiotics are ban or are given in rare circumstances, antibiotics are heavily prescribed and consumed in India.

Amidst the pandemic crises, a large population in the country is consuming antibiotics without prescription on occurence of even slightest ILI symptoms (influenza like symptoms) but this practice has possibly increased the chances of severe secondary infections.

Black Fungus, white Fungus, yellow fungus etc are only a few Secondary infections to name, that have popped up in severe intensity in corona recovered patients.

It can be said that if corona doesn’t kills you these secondary infections can

Consuming too much antibiotics develops a resistance in the microbes towards such drugs. Simply saying that too much consumption of antibiotics results in microbes to develop an immunity against these medicines.

Consequently more powerful drugs needs to be given to combat these newly immune microbes. This vicious circle continues and finally results in a disease causing microbe to become super powerful. It becomes a Super Bug against whom antibiotics fail to work.

Super Bug crises is not new to India. The easy availability of antibiotics has often raised a concern from medical experts. These experts have been warning about the Super Bug crises ever since long. But in these pandemic circumstances the pace of development of a Super Bug has substantially picked up the concern.

Is India aceing towards a new threat of medical exergency where heavy dose of anitbiotics results in a number of mushrooming Super Bugs?

More importantly will we be able to combat it tomorrow when we already have a foresight of the coming threat today?

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