The Quote on the Wall

When I was promoted to 9th standard our classes were shifted to the senior block of the school.

My school had various quotes written on the walls.

I loved reading the different types of quotes hanging on the walls. Different flex boards with beautiful quotes written on them were placed at various locations of the school.

This is a good practice. Because sometimes the most ignored school walls end up teaching things that becomes most important part of your life. Students get to read important lessons of life on a daily basis, that form a strong moral foundation for them.

My school got a number of flex boards with beautiful quotes printed and places at various places. The interesting practice that existed was to change the place of those flex boards every year. So a student would always find something different to read every year.

When I got shifted to senior block we used the second gate for entering the school. Upon entering the block there was a a single flex board with a quote. Surprisingly no other quote was put near that quote. Just one single quote that you get to read as soon as you enter the block.

The quote read as follows.

Man Proposes. God Disposes.

I found this four word quote to be the most depressing quote that I got to read in the entire school.

Such a depressing quote to read every morning when you begin with your day. I use to wait anxiously for this board to get replaced. To my surprise all the flex boards use to get a different place, but this quote remained as it is.

For next four years, I continuously read the same quote. The most depressing quote for four continuos years of my teenage. Every single day. I hated to read it. It took four years of brainstorming to realise what does that four letter quote meant. And when I realised the meaning of the quote, I soon got the understanding that why that particular quote was never replaced. This particular quote was supposed to be read and understood at the teenage itself. Because in teenage we begin to create an understanding of life. The quote imbibed in itself a deep meaning.


It means that a man has a number of plans prepared regarding his life. Man plans everything that he wants. However seldom it is seen that what he plan happens. Man prepares a plan for his life and then, submits it to God. God immediately rejects the plan. God does it because he has a better plan for you.

The greatness that you can plan for your life is only a fraction of the greatness that God has planned for you.

So never ever in your life feel disheartened if something is not happening as per your plan. Believe that God is working on his own plan and that good things are going to happen to you very soon.

We all tend to plan a lot of things about our own lives. When things don’t happen as we plan them, soon we begin to feel disheartened. If a child is taught this lesson of life that things are not always going to happen the way you have planned them, there are less chances of that child falling prone to depression and feelings of failurehood.

This was an important lesson of life that I learnt. It took me four years to realise the real meaning of the quote. When the edification fell on me, my perspective about life got a new dimension.

This quote has helped me pass through difficult times of my life. And this quote continues to Inspire me even today.

I still close my eyes and remeber reading that quote again.


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