Pink is the new Black

Nowadays Job interviews are not limited to asking questions like “tell us something about yourself” infact they are no more interested in You rather they are interested in your thinking and the way you handle unexpected problems.

They might ask you to articulate your views on topics that even don’t have a literal meaning.

Coming forth is a serious of some On The Spot Topics and their suggestable replies that might be useful for your Job interviews

Pink is the New black

Pink is a colour that represents women.

Black is a colour associated with power and leadership

Pink Is the New Black means:- This era is of women where the women acquire the powerful positions and are going to guide the masses.

Black is the New Pink

Pink is a colour which was very fashionable especially among the girls. But nowadays black colored attires are trending and are preferred by both girls and boys across all ages

Black is the New Pink means:- that the fassion preference of people has changed. They now like to wear unconventional Colors.

Black is Black Pink is Pink

Black is a colour associated with rottenness

Pink is colour associated with freshness like in the phrase in pink health

Something which has rotten and has lost is vitality, like a rotten thought will remain rotten and will only attract pessimism.

Likewise if something is pink and fresh, just like a happy thought it will bring happiness, joy and a lot of optimism

Black is Black and Pink is Pink means:- It is very Difficult to change something/someone it will remain the way it is and will only attract similar things.

I would love to know your views on these topics.
Comment down below in the comments section what these topics could mean

It is a fun activity to bombard your friends with such twisy questions. Share this post across all your friends and let me know what they think of these phrases.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed


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