Top 5 skills to learn at home for free

Amidst the pandemic crises here is a list of few skills that you can try to inculcate in yourself when everyone is locked up in their house. Make your Google and YouTube searches worth value for learning these skills, because it is free 😉

1. Negotiation

No I am not talking about shopping bargains. I am talking about formal negotiation skills that help you cut through to your employment package to get those extra bucks and those skills that helps in cracking business deals.

Invest your time in leaning how to negotiate. Read books and talk to professional HR managers that can guide you in learning these skills

2. Learn how to Financial statements

You might had a hard time at school to become a literate person but do you know that among the 86% of literate population of the world not even 50% of these people can understand financial statements.

Saving can’t make you rich, but investing can help you achieve your luxury goals. To become a good investor you must learn to understand the basis financials of the corporate sector.

Financial literacy is the key to manage your finances that helps you keep your bank accounts filled with numbers.

3. Cooking

It might sound dumb but the pandemic has revealed how importantly is to learn to cook. If the ladies of the house (or the men) who cook food for the family get sick then cooking food in the house is a major concern. It is advisable to avoid  market food so home cooked food is the only option.

Learn to make tea and simple food preparation. Believe me cooking is not difficult and once you learn how to cook it would be the most useful skill that you would have learnt in your lifetime.

4. Computer tools

Depending on the profession you practice there are certain business tools that you must learn to operate at the basic level. These are:-

1. MS Word

2. MS Excel

3. MS PowerPoint

4. Any Accounting software like Tally or SAP

5. Any Designing software like Corel Draw

6. Any photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop

7. With increasing use of online platform it is advisable to learn a video editing software like camptasia, filmoroa, or any other software of your choice

Not just basic components. Today’s employment market requires professional skills. Invest your time in mastering at least one of the computer courses.

5. Law

I know not everyone is an advocate. But to have basic knowledge regarding the laws of your country and neighbouring countries is always a good idea.

Legal literacy is uncommon. No official data can be found regarding the exact number of people who understand the basic legal framework of their country.

One must have complete knowledge of all the laws and acts that are applicable to one’s profession. If your country has personal family laws instead of a uniform civil court then you must surely ensure that you understand that basic peculiarities of these laws.

Legally sound mind helps you to defend yourself in times of need and play safe in the business world as well.

Knowledge of commercial and civil law is a bottom line. Utilise the pandemic situation to widen your knowledge.

Stay Healthy Stay Safe and Keep Learning

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