What is the Purpose of my Life?

Unlike the religious beliefs that says that we all are born to fulfill a particular purpose. I have my own set of opinion regarding the real purpose of our lives.

I believe that there is NO black board in this universe that says that YOU! You are born to do this particular task in your life. This is the mission of your life.

We don’t have a black board out there in the universe with our names and mission written on it. Instead we have been given a chalk and a duster to determine our own destiny.

We our bestowed with the power to give our selves a mission and write it against our own name. Not only that, we can erase everything and give to ourselves a completely different mission statement. You see, it is in our own hands to determine the course of our lives.

Many of us get worried that they don’t know what they should do in their lives. Well if you are one of them, then to get answer to this question, you need to try those things that make you happy.

We all our human beings. Our natural state of being is happiness. Do all things that make you happy. (Many will argue it but I believe It is completely fine until you are hurting yourself band others.)

Our purpose of life is happiness. Write all things that make you happy on the universal black board. If you get bored with them, then erase and make a new beginning! Feel the state of joy every moment of the life.

Happiness is our natural state of being. So if you are doing things that make you happy, you are ultimately achieving the divine purpose of life.

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