Is is wrong to have extra marital affair?

Few days back I met someone who shared her story and after hearing her this is what I felt…

Love is the highest form of frequency you can send and receive in this universe.

Now the question is what is love?

Love is a feeling where you want the other person to be happy. You pray for the success, well being, good health and joy for the other person. You want the other person to stay in a state of happiness and pleasure.

Sometimes we meet people who share same thought process as we do. We get to have a brilliant tunning with them. And after a span of time we start loving them. THIS IS NATURAL. IT IS NORMAL.

Now what if your thought process matched with someone with whom you can’t enter into a life long relationship?

I mean what if the other person is already married or is 20 years older to you? Or is already having kids? And you begin to have warm feelings for him/her. Now what will you do?

The first thing to do is recognise if your love is one sided or not.

If it’s one sided, just pray everyday for well being of the other person you love and gradually receed out of his/her life. It takes time. It’s a slow process. Convence yourself that there is no future between you two and that it is best for both of you to fall apart. You will definitely find someone who will love you immensely.

If it’s a two sided affair then?

A person enters into an extra marital affair only when he/she is dissatisfied with his/her married life. This doesn’t mean they don’t love their spouse or kids. It is only that due to the frustration they have entered into an affair.

Again understand that there is no definite future between you two. One person is already settled in his/her life with spouse and kids. And you can’t take away the privilege of that spouse/kids.

Understand that there is no future between you two and that you have receed away from each other’s life.

However you can make your good bye beautiful so that you can avoid depression. Say goodbye like a friend.

We make so many friends in school and college but at the end of the year we say goodbye to them and no matter how close a friendship was cherished, somewhere the link between the two friends get break with the passage of time.

One day you have to say goodbye to your extra marital affair. And when that happens it might be painful. So instead of saying goodbye to your Bf/Gf treat it like a farewell to a close friend. Thank each other for the wonderful time spent with one another and receed away.

Now answering the question- Is it wrong to have a extra marital affair?

If you are dissatisfied with your married life it is natural that you might end up having an extra marital affair. But if your spouse truly love you, trust you and is honest with you then you should receed away from your affairs.

Do any sin in this world but never break someones trust.

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