I love you but I hate you

Sometimes the people whom we love the most are the ones whom we dislike the most.

We might love our parents, children or spouse immensely but it may be possible that their behaviour or some of their habits tend us to dislike them. In worst cases tend us to Hate them.

This mix feeling of love and hatred might trouble many.
Such a situation leads to a state of confusion in our own emotions.
We fail to understand ourselves.

Here, there is a need to understand that when you LOVE someone it means that you want to see them happy, you want to pray for them and see them healthy and full of joy.
But at the same point of time you may dislike a number of things about them. You may even dislike their presence around you or you may even hate talking to them.
IT IS NORMAL. You can love someone and dislike them at the same time.


The simple solution to this complication is
Don’t stop loving your loved ones. Get a bit cut off but never go too far. This way you can stay near enough to love them and far enough ignoring the hatred towards them.

When you radiate love you get love radiated back to you

Don’t try to change people. let them be who they are just change your perspective of seeing and understanding them. When you change your lenses you will see a completely redefined world.

  1. Letter O- Open
  2. Letter N- Nothing.
  3. Letter M- Music Melody
  4. Letter L- Let it go
  5. Letter K- Kaizen life


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