Can I Become a Witness in court after my Death, in case, I become a haunting soul?

While reading the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 I landed upon a very strange provision (Section 32 Of Indian Evidence Act, 1872). We were reading about the statements by persons who cannot be called as witnesses i.e. those statements that cannot be admitted as a witness in the court.

The provision reads as follows:

The statement is made by a person as to the cause of his death or as to any of the circumstances resulting in his death.

The extract of the provision from my book

In simple words it means to say that the person who is dead cannot give witness about how he died.

After the class, my line of thoughts ran into a very strange direction as to why such a provision was placed?
What is the need of such a provision?
Can I become a witness after my death in case I become a haunting soul?

So here is my interpretation to these questions (they are just my personal views and in case you choose to write these in your exams, do so at your own risk!)

I think that the law makers must have thought, what will happen in a case where someone’s soul, would actually come in the court of law and give witness.
Remind you friends that it is not scientifically proved that ghosts do not exists, hence instead of taking chance on the existence or non existence of the ghosts, our Indian Law makers preferred to better expressively exclude the witness statements given by the dead person after his death.

I think that our Indian makers did not wanted to promote black magic or paranormal things, so instead of leaving a scope about the existence of ghosts in the constitution by the use of words like soul or ghost, the law makers wrote the provision in a very tricky language.

The law makers must have thought, that where in a genuine case a dead man’s soul would rise from his grave in seek of justice and instead of taking revenge by haunting his murderer, it chooses to file a suit against his murderer and would even give witness for the same, then in such a situation the witness given by the person about the cause of his death will not be accepted in the Indian court of law.

Thanks for scrolling till down and reading my junk interpretations! I just thought that I should be the one to make it clear that no witness of yours will be accepted after your death in India so it is better to haunt your murderer rather filling a case in the court. If your country does not have such a provision in your constitution then celebrate! You can be the first elite ghost to file a suit in court and give your witness, *in case you choose to skip the fun of haunting*

P.S This post is just for fun, if you get tad confused about the provisions just kick the whole content out of your head and read my other senseful posts like:

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