My “Corona” experience without Corona

I am Found Covid-19 test negative!

So here I am sharing my experience what exactly it feels like if you are a symptomatic patient of Novel Corona Disease. When in reality you simply have a viral flu.

I expect that after reading these symptoms you will be more alert and careful to keep yourself safe.

Here are the list of symptoms I was going through before tested negative

1. Headache!

Severe Headache. My head throbs continuously. Sometimes with high intensity other times mildly but it aches continuously. None of the symptoms are as worse as a headache.

2. Mild Fever

As soon as the effect of  paracetamol begins to fade away, fever begins to rise. It is like you take tablets; fever settles a bit, then it again rises.

3. High pulse rate

My heart has begin to race it’s pace. I have never felt my heart beating so intensely.

4. Difficulty in Breathing and chest pain

Once after every few hours I need to take long deep breaths. I Don’t know where all the air I am breathing is going?

5. No smell No taste!

I cannot even smell the strong smell of balms and vapo rubs that I apply on my chest! It feels like 90% of my smell senses have become inactive resultantly I have lost taste on food.

6. Weakness

Persistent weakness prevails throughout my body. That makes me feel even more sick

7. Sore throat

It feels as if someone is pricking you in your throat. Gurgles Gurgles and Gurgles is all I can do for it

Besides these major symptoms I was also suffering from minor symptoms like strain in eyes, indigestion, uneasiness and body pain

After all these symptoms it was decided to test me for Corona. My report got late, I took leaves from my office, my family members started getting sick with the same symptoms and not forgetting to mention that the headache never left me.

I started wearing mask even at my home to keep my family safe and took to taking loads of tablets to keep the symptoms under check. (*P.S for a person like me who hates medicines, taking medicines is itself a grave torture*)

Thankfully I am found negative in Covid test but tragically I was made feel like a Corona patient and was threatened to no extent by my little siblings. They made me feel sick more than I Really was. Kindly do take good care of yourself especially if you have freaking siblings like me who can make you go mad over something which does not even exist.

Kindly stay careful for the disease.

Wear Mask

Avoid public places

Often Wash/Sanitise your hands and personal accessories

Follow guidelines issued by government and if you also see such symptoms get yourself tested immediately.

Help break the chain of corona

The more you do to keep yourself safe is the more you are to keep your loved ones safe

Stay Home Stay Safe


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