Give me a reason to trust you Again

‘Et tu Brut’

I actually understood today how Caesar must have felt when his most trusted man broke his trust.

It hurts the most when trust is broken!….

Credit:- Photo by Thiago Matos on

I loved you

I cared for you

I shared my everything with you

You cared for me

You loved me back

You said your world revolves around me (*now I did doubt if all that was for real)

You spied on me

You lied to me

You did hurt me (*even if you say you never intended to hurt me, how could I trust you now)

I gave you chances

Not once or twice but innumerable times

I was patient to give you time to mend the torn things

I was patient to trust you one more time


You lost again

You broke me again

With your words and actions

Now give me a reason to trust you back

I am better not to trust any soul at all

If this is the reward of trusting someone

Then it is better never to trust anyone….

Trust is a word with just 5 letters but it can change your whole life!

Your whole life can be shaken if this 5 letter word is broken. It hurts when trust is broken but it hurts the most when it is broken by those whom you love the most. It hurts the most when the people whom you trusted the most, break your trust.

Dukh to apne dete hai warna gairon ki baaton ko kaun dil se lagata hai…….

(It is our loved ones that hurt us the most because who cares what a stranger says….)


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