Health Care tips for Students

What is the most important thing most of the students and even meticulous Professionals overlook?
——-Their Health!

“पहला सुख निरोगी काया” (First blessing is a healthy body) is a well known saying of our ancient culture but this noble
principle often gets overlooked these days. Be it students, apprentice or members, health is often given last priority. It is not that they believe that minting money is more important
than health but simply because they are loathed with work and studies. Hence major part of their day gets consumed in work and very less time is remains for health and social

To tackle this problem here comes into the picture Time Management better to call it Life Management.

Following are a few that can be incorporated even in the busiest schedules of various professional students and members.

1) 10 Minutes Workout

Studies show that a 10 Minute workout like Yoga, Running, Cardio, Zumba or even dancing
can astonishingly give you various health benefits. Weight control and a spur of energy maintained throughout the day are just a few to name.
Best way for a 10 Min workout can be either to download a 10 minute exercise video from
Youtube and calibrate you exercise with the video or you may even make a playlist of
energetic songs such that their play time is of 10 Minutes. Try doing vigorous exercise
without a break on the energetic beats of your favourite songs.

2) Proper Diet

Food is vital part of the day. Avoid eating oily and heavy foods. Focus on salads and Fruits.
Make a habit of eating at least one fruit each day. These little steps go a long way in keeping you healthy and focused.

3) Rest

As exercise and food is important so is equally important Rest. No matter how busy you become, never skip 6 hours of sleep.
Instead of working continuously for long, divide your working hours so that there is a break session of 5-10 minutes after every 2 hours. It will keep you energetic and bring consistent focus to your study and work.

4) Drinking Water

Feeling Tried? Drink a glass of Water!
Yes. Water hydrates your body, refreshes your senses and rejuvenates you instantly.
Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is supremely important.
However we often miss this ritual. So let’s make a smart use of our smart phones. If you are among those who often forget to drink water then there are many apps available that will remind you to drink water. Drinking water is extremely necessary. No matter what happens Never forget to drink water.

5) The Social Corner

Nurturing our social connections is as important as breathing. Friends and Family comprise of social health. Take care of social health like physical health.
15-20 minutes are sufficient for tactically developing your social connections. Thanks to social media and other networking apps that makes it really easy for developing strong social network. However we have to be extremely careful that we do not waste our time on networking apps by simply scrolling down the screen.

6) The ME Time

No matter what hustle-bustle comes in your day, spend at least 5-10 minutes of solitude enjoying silence and reflect upon your inner being. Fill yourself with positivity in this ME
time. Meditate, talk to yourself or simply close your eyes and relax. This ME time has the power of miraculously making your day satisfying.

“Don’t give an excuse. If you say you don’t have time for doing all
these things then it is similar to say that you don’t have time to
get your petrol tank refilled because you are too busy driving. ..
Got the point.” ~ extract from The Monk who Sold His Ferrari by
Robin Sharma.

Every small effort towards improving your health has the power of wondrously improve
quality of your life.

So my darling, get yourself moving! Let each one of us add our contribution towards a fitter
and a healthier world by leading a healthy life.

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