2 Life Lessons

I am reading a book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma.

The book is filled with uncountable number of instances and illustration that can bring about wondrous changes in life. However two of the extracts I felt are worth mentioning. So here I am with extracts from a must read book. (*P.S. do read the original work of the author.)

Chapter 7 of the book talks about two beautiful life lessons. Here they are:

1. Secret behind Eternal Happiness

Secret behind Happiness

True happiness doesn’t lie in minting money but lies in doing things you are passionate about. However such things should be a worthy pursuit.

Extract from chapter 7.

Your passion gives a purpose to your life. It is the very reason that wakes you early in the morning and keeps you awake late at night. So if you are drilling aimlessly all around then no matter how much Bungalows and Ferrari you can afford, you will never be able to find true happiness.

It is only when you find purpose of your life and work enthusiastically for its achievement that you understand the true meaning of tranquility and happiness.

Bonus :- According to author when you work enthusiastically for your passion. Your work become play and you find success effortlessly and gently.

2. Avoid Energy Leaks

Energy Leaks

When you think unnecessarily of your worries you are draining the energy of your mind. So even if you have not done any physical efforts unnecessary worries drain you of power and you become tried and sleepy. So avoid Energy Leaks by stop worrying yourself.

The two life lessons when combined gives miraculous results. On one hand you work as play~ enjoying and living every moment to the fullest by pursuing your passion. And on the other hand you are avoiding all negativity that distracts and drains you out off energy. So the twin effect of the combo application of the two life lessons are simply spellbinding.

P.S. Chaper 7 talks about three easy technique to improve our thoughts which in turn improves quality of our life… Will discuss more about it in later Articles.


  1. Its a book which truly drives us to seamlessly put efoorts to achieve our passion taking less stress by being mentally posiitve and active

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    1. Yep. Fatigue is creation of mind when we think positive and avoid unnecessary tensions we are actually saving ourselves from fatigue and tiredness. In a nutshell the more positive we think the more energetic we feel.

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