Iron Man’s arc reactor cannot be patented in India!

It has been quite a while that the Iron Man is dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But interesting facts about the legend keep coming into picture.

Going through the Patents Act 1970 (from now on referred as the Act) of the Indian Law I came across something really interesting.

As per the Act you cannot get inventions pertaining to certain categories registered in India. And guess what You cannot get inventions relating to atomic energy. Refer point (m) of the given picture.

Picture of my book

Iron Man arc reactor works on atomic energy. Click here to know how the arc reactor of Iron Man works.

Luckily Iron Man did not apply for patent in India. Certainly he couldn’t get it registered.

Can you guess the reason why atomic inventions cannot be patented in India. Don’t hesitate to tell me vis commenting down below the post.

P.S. *author after reading her post* True Marvel fan ain’t I? Thinking of Iron Man amidst the Legal Provisions. *LoL*


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