Head or Heart Who is Correct?

It often happens when your heart might desire something but your Head would choose to something else. which one to follow puts up in a dilemma….

To some extent dividing areas of decision making makes things simple. Like Emotional matters like Family and Friends are better to be understood by heart and Money along with other professional matters are better dealt by the Head.This blunt line of division to an extent removes the confusion.

However the above procedure is difficult to follow and implement. Moreover it doesn’t guarantee success. Here it is also important to note that when you take a decision by defining the jurisdiction of Head and Heart. Then Your HEAD AND HEART SHOULD NOT INTERFERE IN ONE ANOTHER’S MATTER.


Whom To Listen Then?

ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART your heart can never go wrong. If it desires something desperately it can achieve it. But not everything that this Heart desires is correct. Here comes the role of your Head. This rational judgement of whether something is Right or Wrong should be taken by your Head.

Once your Head confirms that “Yes this the thing I desire…. This is the Thing I want to Happen… This is it…” Listen to your Heart and decide which way to go in order to achieve what you desire. Your Heart will never go wrong…

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed And Follow Your Heart Under the Guidance of Your Head

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