What My Friend Has Taught me that Changed My Life….

My friend is a person of great intellect and humour.. I admire … I learn every day a unique quality and a life lesson … Perfectly portraying complex attributes of Life in simplicity of behaviour…. Never Expecting anything to get in return … Ever ready to give the best that is possible …. Well that is how my Friend is….

A very important lesson that I feel we all can learn from my friend is the art of Living Life…

Lesson 1. Always Be a Learner

The key to successful Professional and Personal Life is to always be a Learner. Learn from events .. learn from mistakes… Learn from people…. Be it Senior, Junior, Children, colleagues.. If you can learn from them … then learn and improve yourself. Its something that adds meaning to the life.

Lesson 2. Stay Passionate and Determined.. Strive Hard

Work Hard and Think Smart. Be so passionate and Determined towards your work that others feel motivated and inspired by you… My Friend perfectly knows how to motive others by just staying Completely FOCUSED on YOUR OWN WORK. It’s a great art …. My friend works hard so silently that success shouts …

Lesson 3. Never take Pride

My Friend is one of successful people I know in my life … never taking pride in achievements …. Always Humble with a sweet smile ….Well that wins the heart

I have learnt from my friend is that one’s behaviour should be a blend lovingness and simplicity with a pinch of humour.

Be an open heart ready to heal pain of others.

Be strong as a mountain so you can sustain even hardest thrash of life. Be Decisive and Determined … Just like my friend…

All I can do is to pray.. all I can do is pay reverence from the deepest corner of my heart and all That I can say is Thank you to My Friend for teaching me important life lessons….

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed


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