Dream Achieve and Inspire

Our country is in complete lockdown. All educational institutions are closed and all the exams have been suspended. School, University, entrance exams along with various professional courses exam have been suspended.But we all know that once the lock down in the country is raised all activities including exam conduction will soon pick up pace.So instead of waiting for the last moment let’s gather all our focus and study. …To keep you inspiring here is short piece of poetry…

Dream Achieve and Inspire
Stay Focus Don’t hesitate to perspire

This is the Golden moment
Be it Exams or a tournament

Every bit of effort you escape today
You will regret the day before your exam WHY YOU DID NOT STUDY TODAY

It’s hard but important
To keep all your loved ones aside
Ensure pen, scale, calculator.. all weapons by your side

This hour calls for serious efforts to be placed
No excuses will be entertained on the result day

Stay Focus, Work Hard and Be smart
You will be proud of yourself that day when you will Master this Life’s Art…

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