Last Wish…..

My Life is Boring… I want some Thrill in my life…. There is nothing to do… Have ever come across such thoughts? If yes then try figuring out your “Last Wish”!!Yes my friend you read it correct. YOUR LAST WISH!Think about and list all the stuff that you want to do before you Die.*Note Your “Last Wish” list can even comprise of impossible things*To Help you begin imagine yourself on your deathbed.. think you are dying and all the familiar faces are around you then suddenly you hear a voice “Make A Wish And It Will Turn True....”Believing on the words of the voice Start Making List of all the things/activities that you want to do before you Die.Then circle out that “one wish” which you want to turn into a reality before you die.When you are done and have arrived to your Last Wish ..Stop Thinking!!All Set! Fasten Your seat belt and Drive yourself to accomplish Your Last Wish Before Die.

I know it Sounds Crazy but When you passionately want something to happen… trust me..The Logical World comes to an End… Reason cannot be sought….Your Deeds become weapons and Miracles begin to Happen.

*One Last Thing..When You are done with fulfilling your Last Wish You can you back to the long wish list and Start again all over to again realise that ONE LAST WISH*… and yeh Don’t forget to comment down below and share with me all the crazy Things you want to do Before you Die!!!Stay Healthy and Stay Blessed..


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