Is being physical a sign of love?

Boy Slow down…. Relax girl… Just a few moments…...….I fancy getting intimate with him/her should I approach him/her or let him/her take the lead….

Being physical is not a sign of love.

Couples go physical sometimes agreed … But You don’t love someone for physical intimacy… And if you do so it is just lust… Love is pious. It is beyond intimacy the purest form of feeling that makes this world despite all its atrocities a better place to live in.

Love is beyond my explanation… It is there in a warm hug… Selfless love of parents…. There is love when you reach late at home and two arms cuddle around you just to ensure that you are safe home…. Love is there when you have something in your heart and without uttering a single word he/she listens to it. When you love.. your primary thoughts are not of being intimate but thinking the wellness of your loved ones. Yes love is selfless. When you love someone you give without expecting to receive anything in return. Yes love doesn’t expect love in return.

Love… infatuation…crush all are quite similar. You think continuously of someone. You want to give them the best. Do best for them. The best way to know if it’s love or just another crush then give yourself time before hurrying to head towards a serious relationship step. If it’s love it will survive if it’s crush it will fade away.

… And yes if it’s lust then all you will be thinking is to get physical it has nothing to do with wellness or well being of your loved one. I never say that you will never feel like getting that extra inch closer to someone. We all are humans and there is something called physical desire. So after seeing someone if you feel like getting physical is not unnatural. It is normal for any human to feel like this. But at that moment what you should not forget are the general manners of socialhood – the general principle of how to behave in a society. And first thing it includes is Respect.

1.Respect the woman in front of you. For some people she might be the only reason on the earth for which they are alive. Don’t even think of harming her. And Girls same goes for you Respect the gentleman in front of you not every one is a playboy.

2.No comments No matter who you are. How much wealth you have or how strong you are. None of the things gives you license to pass comments that are racist, sexiest ..meant to hurt someone. Wounds given by Physical weapons get healed if not today then tomorrow but once a harsh remark pierces the heart it never gets healed.

But I didn’t want to hurt her . I just said that for fun.. I know all you said wasn’t meant to be taken seriously… All you were trying to have some fun...

But my friend these remarks that are fun for you might be fatal for someone. Be very careful while you choose your words.

3. Most importantly if you really love someone set them free.

Yeah.. yeah…the old saying...

No seriously if you love someone you must give them the freedom they want so that your ones feel happy. Seeing them happy will make YOU feel good… Again don’t expect your loved ones to thank you for what you do to them.

You can never Force someone to love you so instead of tying them set them free.

You sound like my mom… Do this …. Don’t do that….blah.. blah… I already know this.

Well if you already know this then abide by it and don’t forget to spread this the word of edification with your friends and family.

Hope you Remember.. love is always about giving...

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed


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