I think I Love her….Do I need a Breakup Insurance?

It’s the 3rd time that you got your heart broke. No problem here is the insurance claim……!!

Are you interested in getting into a relationship? If yes then you should surely apply for our Breakup Insurance policy.

Why should I opt for such a policy?

Because….God forbid…what will happen if your love fails?…. We cannot repair your broken heart but we can surely cover the huge expenses you spend on your dates, discos, pubs, teddy bears, flowers…. in order to impress your dear Heart. (Obviously you need to show us the receipt as a proof for the claim.)

And what if my love is successful?

Well first of all congratulations!!! We will pray for your successful and happy relationship. Upon successfully presenting your marriage certificate we will mature your policy amount along and pay you 7.9% interest on your principal.

Are you interested?…

Well my friend I am not an Insurance agent who sells an Insurance nor I know any company that sells such an Insurance. So your heart is always at a risk when you decide to enter into a relationship. Not only your emotions but even your time and money is involved when you invest yourself in love. So be VERY CAREFUL before lending your heart to someone else. Your heart is a precious gift from God and you must let your heart only to those who are worthy of it.

Before entering into a relationship make sure it’s love and not infatuation. Hey girl what’s that?

Well infatuation means an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.

If it’s true love it sustains if it’s infatuation… A crush…. It will simply fade away.

If you are a teen or even a young adult… it’s your age… It’s very natural to feel infatuated for someone…. you may even have sexual imaginations…Don’t feel worried. Its absolutely natural. It all happens because your harmones are changing with age. Being at such a tender age my advice to all the new age lovers would be that they should focus more on their studies and career.

Well about my love?

Well if your love is true no matter how many years pass it will always stay fresh. And if you sincerely want to enter in a relationship then you SHOULD FOCUS on study and career so that you can have a strong foundation both physically and financially on which you can build upon your future lovely family.

Don’t take too much of load on your head. You won’t be asked to earn to sustain your family right now all you are asked to do is to understand whether your feelings are true love or just an infatuation…. Because life is not about doing hit and trial experiment with your heart and emotions. No amount of a Breakup Insurance policy could fix it. Don’t play with your life.

I know love is blind but it has a head too that prevents you from falling!! Fall in love when your head and heart permits.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed

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