How it feels like when you are in periods? (Menstruation)

Hey Boy instead of getting me a coffee can you get me a sanitary pad because I have stained my undergarment, and I am not carrying an extra pad, on the top I have forgotten cash at home…. Have you ever got such a reply from a girl to whom you asked to go for a coffee?

The obvious answer is NO. But have you ever thought that these could be real thoughts of a girl.

I always wondered what reply I would give to someone who asks me Hey … Tell me how it feels like when you are in periods!

Nothing much my friend just imagine yourself bleeding from the most sensitive part of your body for 4-6 days in a row every month. Along with period cramps that makes you feel like simply hold your stomach tightly and pray for death. But nothing of this pain is supposed to be expressed. You have to go to office, do all the house chores, look after the kids and yes, if unknowingly you end up staining your bedsheets it’s you who has to struggle with the scrub and detergent because its your bloody shit and you are solely responsible for cleaning it without making faces.

Am I exaggerating the problem that half of the population of this globe suffers from? I guess no.

No matter if someone asks for an advice or not …. No matter what the problem is….we are always ready with an advice. But when a girl comes up with enquries about her period most of us… even our mothers don’t have much answers. Thanks to Google and various health related articles uploaded by people on the internet that helps relieve some problems associated with womanhood. Educated in true sense these are the people who are really concerned about helping young girls and guide them correctly in their approach towards handling their menstruation problems. These are the real heroes of humanity who bring significant changes in million lives by breaking the myths and scientifically enlightening the minds of people on a topic that is still considered a taboo in most parts of the world.

Well I guess a lot has been said on pain and sufferings. But in reality these lines express the beauty of biological difference engineered by God…

Sweety God has made you very special… God has given you great power to keep the cycle of the world moving… Because it is only you who can produce a new generation… It’s only you who can wisely guide this new generation by being a good mother… And my sweat heart this power takes some toll ….. Be brave to fight this menstruation pain… Each time to defeat the pain you become stronger..

Let’s not wait for women’s day to make her feel better. Even a small gesture of care from your side can relieve her from grave sufferings she hides behind her smile. Thank her for the work she does, appreciate her for the food she makes and don’t forget to lend her a helping hand so that she can quickly finish her work and take some rest. Because her happiness is contagious. If she is Happy she can fill happiness in the hearts of all the members of the family.

Stay healthy and Stay Blessed.


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