Move Away to Come Closer

Sometimes you need to move away from those whom you love the most……

Sometimes you have to leave even the most trusted and dearest relations. If it’s important for your growth… then you must leave them or else you will never be able to fly high and touch great altitudes.

It’s not about becoming selfish it’s about unleashing your true self.

It’s difficult….very difficult but it’s important.

Sometimes our love for our loved ones don’t let us move out of our comfort zone. We always want to stay near to our loved ones. But if a baby bird doesn’t leave it’s parents’ nest and fly away how will it fly high and explore the world?

If you want to stand high and tall…..if you want to become strong…..if you want to become independent. Then move out of your comfort zone. Move away from your loved ones.

Today your loved ones are strong…They are independent but with the passage of time, comes the old age and comes the need for a support…the need for a strength. At that time if you are are strong… you can provide that strength to your loved ones.

That’s the right time… To be there with your loved ones when they need you…when they need your support the most.

Move forward..away from those relations that stops your growth…

Stay strong, stay healthy and stay blessed.

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