Successful Relationship

Trust is the key to successful relationship.

All relations grow on trust.

When you trust someone you should either trust him/her completely or simply accept that you don’t trust.

Because having half trust is like a double edged sword that in long run will hurt both you and your partner. Half trust will lead to communication barriers. Resulting in misunderstandings and quarrels. Ultimately failed relationship.

Place your trust very carefully

Both in a professional set up and in personal life trust is the foundation on which all relationships are built upon. So be very careful while placing your trust.

It is not wrong if you don’t trust people easily.

Infact this attitude protects you from severe emotional strikes caused due to breach of trust.

You become rational in decision making. This especially helps in your professional life.

However one should NEVER enter into a relationship where you don’t trust your partner. Because then you will try to hide things from your partner, thinking that he/she will not understand it and will get angry.

When you trust someone you should never hide things. Even if you feel some things are insignificant and hiding them will not lead you in trouble then my friend you are wrong because it indicates that you don’t trust your partner. And your partner will get disheartened. And he/she too will do the same and the valley of distrust will widen.

Trust is the valuable treasure of your heart and soul that you give to some other person. So before placing your trust ensure that the person is worth holding it. And once convinced NEVER test the person whom you trust.

Stay healthy, stay blessed and keep trusting your loved ones.

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